The value of an Automotive Repair Shop

Value is one of those interesting words! To some it means cheap or inexpensive, economy driven. To others it means quality, performance worth the dollars spent. We provide the latter.

Our service is not cheap, it is not inexpensive (no vehicle repair is….) but we do provide exceptional value, in that our service is guaranteed to be correct and last. Most of our repairs (commercial use excluded) come with a 3-year, 36,000-mile nationwide warranty. When we diagnose your vehicle and tell you it needs XYZ parts for $XXXX, that is what you will get, and the repair will be correct. We don’t own a parts cannon that we load up and launch parts at your vehicle until its fixed then present you the bill including the repairs that didn’t repair your concern. We despise that method of repair.

Throughout your visit we employ a great deal of technology. From service advisors to technicians, we employ the use of tablets to document the condition of your vehicle before we even move it. We note any dents or scratches, missing hubcaps or warning lights on the dash. This keeps us accountable in the unlikely event that there is a concern of damage to your vehicle.

Our entire process is facilitated by good communication! Our service advisors will likely ask you many questions when you drop off your vehicle, updated contact information, descriptions of the issues you are experiencing and then inform you of the expectations for the next step and a timeline.

Once in the shop, our technicians enjoy a well-lit, clean, warm and organized environment to focus on your vehicle. In the testing of your vehicle system, we leverage both manufacturer (the same as the dealer) and aftermarket equipment as well as multiple information sources to determine the needs of your vehicle. Our process ensures that when you present us your vehicle with a specific concern, we test those systems and pinpoint the issue.  This translates to consistent and accurate repairs should you choose to approve them.

Then, once we have determined what will repair your concern, we do a complimentary vehicle safety inspection using some of the latest technology to document (pictures, video and notes from technicians) any concerns and present those issues to you. We break down our estimates in the following way when we present them to you. First, we give you the estimate to repair your concern. Next, we present estimates for items that present a safety concern on your vehicle. Then we provide estimates for other repairs that are not safety related. Lastly, we provide estimates for maintenance items according to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. It is our responsibility, as professionals, to inform you of your vehicles’ condition. We present this information with no pressure, and you make the decision about what is best. If you ask our opinion, we will happily guide you.

We have outlined some of the processes that provide value. Lastly, I want to focus on an attribute that provides value, INTEGRITY. At Mears Service Center we focus on integrity, personally and professionally. We insist on integrity in ourselves, our staff and our service. If we tell you that a part will fix your concern, it will, or we will correct the issue. If we tell you, it will cost $XYZ your bill will be $XYZ or less. At Mears Service Center there is no wondering if we really installed the part, we said we did, there is no wondering if the loose change in your cup holder will be missing when you pick up your vehicle. There is no wondering if the bill will double from the estimate you were given.

At Mears Service Center, we understand no one likes to pay for vehicle repairs and we know groceries and fuel are expensive (an everything else in life!). So, while we are not the cheapest in town, we do provide great VALUE because your vehicle is repaired correctly and you are treated with respect. Value and Integrity surround our processes and your vehicle (and your family!) is well cared for.

That is money well spent! That is VALUE!